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Stop striving for balance and start savoring harmony

Unpopular opinion: 

Balance isn't sustainable.  Once you've achieved it, you're stuck.  You can't add or subtract anything or it will throw you out of balance. 

But guess what? 

 Harmony ebbs and flows.  It's always cohesive.  It's curated and complementary. 


What would happen...

                                                              ...if you pursued harmony instead of balance?

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Nature photography, straw of reeds in sunlight, in spring time. Bright blurred, bokeh, bac
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You can't go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.
- C.S. Lewis

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Nature photography, straw of reeds in sunlight, in spring time. Bright blurred, bokeh, bac
 Healthy Fruit Salad

"Meg provided the tools I needed to jump-start my way back to the recovery of an embodied life.  She listened to my longings and responded with daily practices, recipes, and advice that resulted in a new path to wellness and the good life.  She provided the perfect balance of accountability and understanding to keep me engaged and trusting her.  I am deeply grateful for her generosity and genuine care of me."


What She Said...


What She Said...

"I've personally been through health coaching with her and I can tell you that she knows her stuff and is always cheering you on, while challenging you at the same time! Her approach is based on science, not pre-packaged-lose-weight-quick-by-eating-800-calories-a-day, weigh yourself constantly, eat only five food items for two weeks or any other nonsense. She's about real food, real flavor, real health and real life.  If you're on the fence, leery of one more 'diet' - please reach out to her!  Your future self just two or three short months from now will thank you for it." 

Image by Ernest Porzi

What She Said...

Working with Meg was great.  She was positive and encouraging and gently nudging me forward all at the same time." 


What She Said...

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